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Things to Do to Stay Safe While Conducting Mosquito Spray Treatments

Summer is the time when both children and mosquitoes become the most active outdoors. Spray treatments are the best way to get rid of mosquitoes. However, some chemicals used in fogging or spraying treatments might also be dangerous to humans and pets. Therefore, you must follow the given steps to ensure your, your family, and your pets’ safety while getting rid of these pests.

Acquaint Yourself With The Chemicals Being Used

You must speak to your pest control officer and get to know about the chemicals they’re going to use in a spray treatment. Chemicals such as Piperonyl Butoxide are safe for humans while others might cause mild to severe respiratory issues.

Almost all pest control chemicals are dangerous for animals. Therefore, you must be aware of the chemicals you require to protect yourself and your pets from.

Do Not Leave Any Surface Uncovered

Fogging formulas are made of liquid insecticides. It doesn’t take time for them to drop on the floor or other surfaces and contaminate them. If you leave your clothes, sofas, and other surfaces uncovered, they absorb the chemicals and become the cause of future exposure to harmful substances. Therefore, you must never leave any surface uncovered.

Maintain Distance From The Treated Area For A While

The best time to get your house fogged is in the morning. You can leave the house after the fogging is done and come back in the evening. This much time is enough for the insecticide to settle. Therefore, you will out of harm’s way. Make sure that your pets do not lick the floors until they are cleaned.

Summing Up

Even though mosquito control chemicals are dangerous, you do not have to perform too many steps to keep out of harm’s way. Therefore, you must contact a mosquito control company in Mauldin to perform a spray treatment. Therefore, next time you see an excess of mosquitoes in your house or neighborhood, get the place fogged.